About Punky Apes Club

Thousands of years ago, in Kazami, lived a troop of Apes, also known as fearless warriors. This all changed when human dominance relentlessly destroyed the life cycle of every single living organism. The Apes became extinct, however, the 5 King Apes pledged to return before drawing their last breath, and now the wait is over: they’re returning to the face of the metaverse, stronger and punkier than ever! Take heed, They‘ve come to rule the Solana world!


With a total of 129.76 million $PAC tokens, the following amounts have been allotted for different purposes:

Total Supply



5% Airdrop to Minters

A total of $PAC 6.48 million will be given freely to the initial PunkyApesClub NFT minters who has trusted us on the project. 

60% Daily $PAC Airdrop to Holders

Daily $PAC 8 will be available to be claimed by the Holders of Punky Apes Club NFT for the next 8 years totaling about $PAC 77.85 million.

15% Marketing & Partnerships

The amount of $PAC to be reserved for marketing, promotions, and partnerships is $PAC 19.46 million.

10% Team

10% of $PAC tokens will be accessible to the core team of Punky Apes Club project over the course of 20 months (0.5% per month)

10% Reserves

There will be $PAC 12.97 million tokens reserved for various ongoing activities like rewards, giveaways, etc.



TheSandBoxGame Land Purchase

To begin with, we’ve already completed the first step of our road map by purchasing land in TheSandBoxGame metaverse.


$PAC Coin

We’re releasing $PAC Coin, which will airdrop 8 $PAC every day starting from 1 week of the launch date and 5% airdrop to NFT Minters. The coin owners will be able to stack them with high APY returns in the future.



Unlike most DAOs, we’ve already funded it with a TheSandBox metaverse land where we can chill, play to earn, have fun & much more 😉

Here’s what to expect from our DAO:

  1. Metaverse Land Purchased
  2. Daily entertaining activities for everyday engagement that includes contests, freebies, and, of course, the MINT SQUAD.
  3. Weekly Fun Games will begin in the second week of the launch.


3D Punky Baby Apes

You will be able to unfreeze the frozen baby apes using 2 Punky Apes + 960 $PAC coins via unfreezing engine. 3D Baby Apes will be designed for Metaverse friendly and will be used in our metaverse Punky Apes Club.


PAC Pass

3333 PAC passes will be released to access your PAC room residing in our Punky Apes Club. The PAC room will be customizable and upgradable using $PAC coins. Holders of Punky Apes Club and Punky Baby Apes will get PAC passes for free and the rest will be available for mint.

King Apes Minting Benefits

5 King Apes and their Unique Payout. Mint one of our 5 King Apes and guarantee yourself 1 SOL each month for 12 months straight. No T&C. These Kings helped bring back all the Apes to life and we must pay for it.

What is $PAC? How will it benefit me?

$PAC is a utility token at the core of everything in the Punky Apes Club. With $PAC you will be able to not just make passive income but will let you perform utilities in the Punky Apes Club.


Every Punky Apes Club yields 8 $PAC which can be further utilized within the Punky Apes Club.


The Punky Apes owner will be able to customize their Apes by using $PAC tokens. Details of which will be updated soon.


Hold any 2 Punky Apes and with 960 $PAC you will be able to breed Baby Punky Apes.


$PAC isn't only a Utility Token, but a Governance token too which is driven by votes of the DAO community members.

$PAC Supply:

$PAC Smart Contract:
Coming Soon

$PAC is the utility token that fuels the Punky Apes Club ecosystem.

Each Punky Ape is able to claim 8 $PAC tokens per day for a period of eight years. Punky Ape will produce a total of 9,732,360 $PAC tokens per year.





Hello, my name is Oper. A qualified engineering professional with a PGP focused in Artiticial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning from Texas McCombs School of Business and Great Lakes Institute of Management. A hands-on digital program manager with over 12 years of experience driving projects and products through their lifecycle. Most importantly I am a loving father who make sure to spend weekends with my family. I entered into crypto world by investing some of my spare savings and this investment not into turned into profit but got me a lot of practical exposure and great connections in this world of crypto. This is when I got in connection with DKe and we collaborated together initially in collecting NFTs and figured things which a lot of projects are lacking and hence PAC came to life.



I've always been a curious kid who wants to know and learn everything that fascinates me, and my curiosity has always fueled my desire to learn. At a very early age, I was able to recognise opportunities and tried my hand at various things from building websites to graphic designing, but then I found my way to entrepreneurship, where possibilities are endless when you learn to create a value. I’ve also been a silent crypto investor for a while now and I see it as a future. However, nothing has intrigued me and fueled my passion like the world of NFTs. After closely observing this world, I discovered a huge opportunity for creating a value and a future out of it and that is how we come up with PAC.


Project Manager

Good day! My name is Antto. I've worked as a social media designer since college and not to boast, but I'm incredibly motivated, creative, and marketing savvy. I'm also known as a computer geek. When I was approached to be a part of the Punk Apes Club, I looked at the project's potential and the prospects it may offer me to be a part of such a project and said yes in a heartbeat! Punk Apes' management will fall under my purview, and I'm really thrilled about it!


Community Manager

Punk Apes, what’s good? My name is Nikolai, and I'm a 26-year-old MBA graduate with a strong interest in developing roadmaps and business plans. One day, while surfing the internet, I came across an article about how NFTs will drive the digital economy, and that was it for me; I developed a burning desire to learn more about it in every way possible, and now, after months of research and being a regular member of many project discord's accounts, I'm thrilled to be a part of one of the best projects out there and I refer to it as one of the best because smart people and smart strategy are at the heart of any successful project, and I believe as a team we have both!


Most frequent questions and answers

There would be a total of 3333 Punky Apes available for Minting.

Public sale price would be 0.5 Sol.
The Launch date of our NFT is December 10, 2021 at 7pm UTC.
You will be able to use three of Solana’s main wallets Phantom, Sollet and Solflare.
We will be targeting to get us listed on MagicEden, SolanArt & other major secondary marketplaces.